Frequently asked questions



Is it easy or hard to learn?
  • Both feet are on the same board next to each other. Any imbalance will almost always lead to a fall
  • Side-to-side movement  
  • Turns aren’t possible unless you’re committed to going downhill
  • You are likely to fall a lot

Who’s it best for?
  • For adults or children that know how to bike
  • For athletes in search of thrills 
  • For surfers, skateboarders, windsurfers, kite-surfers etc…

What equipment is required?
  • Snowboard boots, snowboard, bindings
  • A helmet 
  • Winter-sport clothing (gloves, hat, goggles, sunscreen…)

How to get off on the right foot?
  • Choose which foot will be in front
  • Get a board that goes up to the height of your chest 
  • Make sure you fit snuggly into your gear and that nothing is loose 
  • Snowboard during the day when the snow is soft
  • Sign up for at least one 2hr private lesson to get the hang of things 

The minimum age for ESF lessons: 8 Private lessons are for children under 11